A Church with a Mission – Vision – Values

301 W. 3rd St., Mineral, VA 23117

Worship every Sunday at 11:00 AM

Pastor: Larry Davies – LarryDavies@PrayWithYou.org 

  • People who provide a warm welcome that is nurturing, caring, loving.
  • Worship services that are relevant, challenging and Biblically based
  • Music that is a creative and significant focal point of our worship and our congregation.
  • Missions that make a difference in our community and throughout the world.

Our Mission: Mineral UMC serves God, bound by the Holy Spirit as disciples of Jesus Christ, by demonstrating His Spirit through witness and ministry to the needs of our church, community and beyond in a welcoming Christian environment.

Our Vision: We envision a church where all people are welcomed and encouraged to participate in a multi-generational culture of transformational love, discipleship and hospitality.